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And just like that, there is a definite chill in the air, and we realize winter is here. Now that we have been spending a lot more time in the kitchen and discovering new ways of cooking, there are many exciting recipes to try over the coming winter months. Because nothing beats the comfort of food when it is cold.

Warm winter breakfast bowls

Start the day all warm, cosy and comforted with the best winter breakfast bowls.

Here are a few of the best we have seen:

Pancake cereal. Because it is now a thing

Creative ways with morning oats

Winter bowls of goodness

Slow cooked anything

We have rediscovered the joy of taking our time in the kitchen, taking our time over more complex and rich dishes. Slow cooking is everything and it is here to stay this winter.

Soul soothing soups for supper

Weekend Bakes

Winter weekends are definitely the time to indulge ourselves with a yummy comforting bake. Whether it is rich and satisfying savoury bakes or the almost sinful sweet treats you love most, get those ovens on preheat.  

Potato bakes and baked pastas

 Indulgent chocolate cakes

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