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Cooking a memorable meal is more than just the food, it is the entire experience. Another way to make your meals a real treat is to put some extra care into the presentation.

Here are a few tips for making any meal a visual treat.

Plate your food

In restaurant speak, plating is the presentation of a dish. Chefs have long known the added effect of a well-presented plate of food.

To start, choose your plates and bowls to create the visual effect you want. White plates go great with vibrant dishes such as curries or plenty of vegetables or fruits. Using a neutral dish that isn’t too big or too small helps to make your food the hero of the table.

Alternatively, a dark colour platter or bowl can be quite dramatic when placing colourful, exotic recipes too. A vibrant, fresh salad can look quite dramatic against a matte black backdrop.

Pile food up

To create a sense of abundance, pile your food up rather than spreading it out on the plate.

Create layers of ingredients and even your garnish can be used to add to the height of your dish. Think fresh sprouts piled on top of a salad or a caramelized sugar nest on top your favourite dessert.

All about the layers

Create layers with your food for more interest especially when cooking with colour. For example, instead of tossing a salad, keep individual ingredients in layers.

Play the odds

Groupings of three, five or seven are naturally more appealing to the eye than even numbers. Remember this rule when adding proteins such as shrimp to your dish or even scoops of ice cream.

Purposeful garnishing

Stick to a garnish that is edible and has a purpose. The best garnishes enhance the flavours of the dish as well as highlighting the ingredients of the dish. For example, chopped fresh rosemary is a better garnish for a rosemary infused leg of lamb than sprigs of parsley. Edible flowers and brightly coloured berries add texture, colour and flavour to desserts and cakes. But be sure to choose ones that complement the taste of the cake.


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