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Spend a bit of time sorting and organising your linen cupboard and you will save on time and unwanted headaches later. Plus, there is something so joyful about opening up a beautifully organised cupboard!

Here are a few of our favourite tips.

  • Fold or roll

Fold and stack your sheets neatly but save on space by rolling your bigger, bulkier items like spare duvet inners, blankets and towels.

  • Create bedding sets

Keep all that you need for one full bedding set together in one easy to reach for place by folding each item (duvet cover, fitted sheet, flat sheet, pillowcases) and put them neatly inside one of the pillowcases. Now you never have to worry about a mismatched bed.

  • Store by category and label

Give each category its own space  and label it, making it easier to find what you are looking for in a hurry. This also helps when you need to put things back in the cupboard, preventing spouses, or anyone else, from messing up your system. 

You could categorise by colour, by material, by bedroom or simply by type.

  • Choose a scent

Keep your linen fresh with your favourite scent. Slot a few scented sachets between sets of linen or on each shelf. Stick to one scent or you run the risk of creating olfactory overload and confusion. Scented shelf liners are another great option.

  • Use the door

If you can, make use of the space on the inside door to store some of your smaller or thinner linen items. Add a hanging rail on the the back of the door or hooks. This is a great place for your table cloths, runners or bathmats.

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