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With summer comes fresh and delicious summer salads. And we all know these don’t need to be boring. Make a pledge this summer to add lots of colour, flavour and vibrancy to your salad creations. Stock up on these ingredients and you’ll have the base for all your favourite dressings.  

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Invest in a high quality extra virgin oil and you already have the beginnings of a great dressing and it can also be used on its own in a pinch.

This olive oil from Rio Largo in the Western Cape has won awards for its full flavour.

Vinegar of choice

The type of vinegar you choose will depend mostly on personal preference and the kind of dressings you mostly make. A classic white or red wine vinegar is most versatile while a balsamic vinegar brings lots more depth to your dressing. For some the added kick of apple cider vinegar and its added health benefits makes it a firm favourite.

Maple syrup or honey

The sweetness of maple syrup or honey balances the flavours of your dressings for a well rounded taste. If you can, choose genuine maple syrup or raw local honey.

This truffle infused honey from Flavour Union will bring an interesting flavour to the table.


A squeeze of lemon can make all the difference to a dressing. Lemons are also a good replacement for vinegar and is a flavour that pairs well with just about anything. Always be sure to have a few fresh lemons on hand. The added bonus is they go well with your drinks too.  

Greek yoghurt (or fat free for lower calorie dressings)

If you prefer creamier dressings, this one ingredient will be your friend. It adds a creamy consistency and is healthier than cream based dressings that are bought in-store. If you want a lower calorie dressing, use a low fat or fat free yoghurt.

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