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Moving into summer, we see a brighter and bolder colour palette emerge – along with equally lively prints. This is your time to be daring and let your heart and intuition guide you. There are no rules, only a few thoughts to inspire…

Statement pieces

These are pieces that pull and lure you in, that take centre stage and prompt conversation. One such piece is this season’s Chelsey 4 Seater Sofa – it’s one of our classic style sofas but its rich velvet and unconventional mustard colour make it a standout piece. Similarly, the Bruno Sideboard with its impeccable herringbone panelling set against a very sleek silhouette can stop you in your tracks!


Like statement pieces, prints draw the eye in and beyond. Because of this effect, it can be easy to want to use print conservatively – but the right mix of prints can take a space to new heights, adding depth, dimension and a lot of personality. The best way to approach the mixing of prints is fearlessly – and very much practically. As a starting point, perhaps keep to a specific colour palette but experiment with differently sized, textured and patterned pieces. Set one against the other, build up a story and look in practice and we guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised!

Chelsey 4 Seater Sofa

Bruno Sideboard







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