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What is Laid Back Luxe? It is achieving a luxurious look and feel in the simplest and quickest way possible.

Casual Dining 

To achieve a trendy look that appears as if minimal effort went into its composition. Decorate your dining table with a combination of books as coasters, different shaped candles in the centre and a throw blanket gently hung on the back of the dining chairs.

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Leaning Mirrors 

A mirror has the ability of completely transforming a space. Skip the process of hanging one of these oversized mirrors and simply lean it against a wall for a more laid-back look. From the bedroom to the entryway, this no-fuss addition will do wonders to your space.

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All About Accessories 

There is always a way to keep your favorite accessories on display for a low-maintenance look that is still stylish. You can use an accent chair to toss your favorite jacket and bag on.

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Easy Additions 

Tiny corners can be a struggle to decorate, but by bringing some low-key stools into the mix you can get a stylish look in a low effort way. Stack a few books or plants right on top of these small-scale additions and you’ll get an easy going aesthetic that looks expensive.

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Fresh Flowers

The easiest way to get a luxe look in your home is to introduce fresh flowers. With minimal effort and budget, this small-scale update will turn any corner into a photo-ready setup. Shelves, counters, coffee tables and more only need a simple bouquet for a laid back yet luxury transformation.

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Lazy Linens

Forget about pulling your sheets tightly to your mattress and opt for a more imperfect approach instead, let some blankets hang and wrinkle up for an irresistible laid back bedroom setup. 

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Blanket Overload

To bring a more lived in quality to your home in one simple step, instead of neatly folding your favorite blankets, rather drape them over your seating for a more casual look.

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Plenty Of Pillows

Throw pillows bring character to just about any space in your home. From sofas to beds and everything in between, some plush cushions can add cozy qualities in an instant. Don’t stop there though. Stack pillows on seats, floors, and all other surface areas for a carefree look. 

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