Trend Talk- Homeware Trends for 2020

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We recently sat down with @home’s Senior Trend Specialist and Product Developer, Louise Vorster, to find out what are the top homeware trends we’ll see in 2020.

Natural lux is a trend we’ll be seeing this year. The key to this trend is “buying less, but better”, says Louise. “Think beautiful natural materials that are timeless and have an heirloom quality”. Express this style with beautifully grained woods, exquisite hyper grained marble and granite, forged metal details, textured fabrics with a hand-loomed appearance, artisan ceramics with an organic feel as well as textured glass.

Sophisticated, lux fabrics will continue to be popular in 2020. Think soft and sculptured velvet, fabrics with a touch of handwork, like beading and embroidery. Raw fringing and interesting edges add to the sophisticated lux trend, “think layers of hyper texture” suggests Louise.

A sense of wellbeing will continue to grow as a trend says, Louise. Use natural textures and materials to form a base for this trend. Introduce botanicals in prints, with neutral mid-toned palettes to project a sense of calm and harmony. Home fragrance ranges with essential oils help restore balance to your sense of wellbeing too. Maintain a sense of wellbeing, and create a feeling of calm organization, with quality, natural storage and beautiful basketry. Looking after what you already own and curating a space of all that you proudly have, is important when adopting this trend.

This year colour palettes are taking on a more organic feel. Chalky clays, terracotta, sage and olive greens, indigo and chalky blues are all layered with interesting mid-tone neutrals like putty greys and sandy beiges for an air of sophistication. Layering the same colour tones not only creates interesting depth to your space, says Louise, but helps you build a beautiful colour palette, weaving texture and tone throughout your home to create intrigue and seasonal excitement which is globally aligned.

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