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Fruit squareJuicing is widely known and loved for its versatility. Think about it. You can literally throw any fresh ingredient into your Breville juicer and reap the delicious and nutritional rewards. With such a wide variety of fruit, veggie and herb options, there are probably a few combinations you haven’t even thought to try.  Allow us to indulge your taste buds in these unusual juice treats.

Broaden your tasting horizons

Most juicing fanatics agree that the more you drink delicious vegetable juices, the more your palate adapts. This means that your brain starts to actually crave the juices as well, recognising that it’s so good for your body. Imagine your kids savouring every last drop of a delicious kale and apple juice, they’ll never know what hit them!

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But are you ready to take your juicing to the next level? If so, take a look at these uncommon juice pairing and try the one that tempts you most:

celery and fennel juiceFennel and celery

If you enjoy the aniseed flavour of fennel and love the distinct taste of celery, then give this combination a shot. When recommend that you chop your fennel bulb into quarters to ensure it fits in the fruit shoot. You could also go for a triple refresh factor and add some mint leaves.


Sweet potato and carrotssweet potato and carrot juice

For those of you who have a sweet tooth, this mixture really packs a beta carotene punch. The humble and easy-to-come-by ingredients are so versatile that you could pair them with anything. But bear in mind that combining them with fruit has the potential to be a bit overwhelming.


tomato and bell pepper juiceBell peppers and tomatoes

Oh yes! Succulent, juicy peppers. Although the green ones are not as sweet, the red and yellow kinds are divine and flavourful. Coupled with the tangy taste of a tomato, you have yourself a bloody mary style juice cocktail. You could even pop some celery in the glass for good measure.


Coconut water and anythingcoconut water

Fresh coconuts and cartons of its water are now sold at several health and grocery stores. It goes with anything and is so good for you. It does have a very subtle flavouring though, so you may want to combine it with something vibrant in taste like ginger or apple.


Garlic and Citruscitrus and garlic juice

Garlic is extremely beneficial to your health, especially if you’re feeling a cold-induced scratch in the back of your throat. It gives your immune system a boost, supplying your body with raging antioxidants that fight off bacteria and infection.

As for the citrus, it’s strong enough to mask the flavour of the garlic and is rich in vitamin C, which also improves your system. It’s a yummy home remedy for when you or your family are feeling under the weather.

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Just remember: if it’s a natural, unprocessed food, you can juice it. Not every ingredient is guaranteed to produce a lot of juice, but they all come with nutritional benefits. Buy organic produce and you won’t even have to peel them!

Be grounded and taste the earth from your Breville juicer and feel amazing every day. Your body deserves it.

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