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Although the velvet trend may have not been everyone’s cup of tea, we are here to tell you that it is still as fabulous as ever! The historically expensive fabric combines rich jewel colours and a smooth and luxurious feel set to make a statement in any home. But because it is 2019 and décor trends are as popular as ever, we wanted to share our insight on combining velvet with linen effortlessly in your home. Linen has always proven remarkably resilient to changes in décor. Its durability, eco-friendly qualities and ability to add texture to any room make it a great décor choice for your home!

Here are our tips to combining these two beautiful fabrics:

The Velvet Couch and Linen Pillows: Perhaps one of the most difficult to implement, yet also one of the most rewarding, a velvet couch can instantly add glamour to your living space. By complimenting the couch with colourful large linen pillows there is added depth and vibrancy within the space.

The Linen Side Chair and Velvet pillow: Can’t bring yourself to invest in the velvet couch? Why not opt for a cosy reading chair instead. A linen side chair paired with a large velvet pillow can add just the right amount of charm to a living room, without being overbearing.

The Velvet Headboard and Linen Bedding: Whether tufted or smooth, velvet headboards are divine and paired with linen bedding will leave your bedroom feeling like a cosy and luxurious sleep sanctuary. Hot tip: Not afraid of velvet? Why not add an elegant velvet vanity stool or bed throw.

Linen and Velvet for Dining: velvet dining chairs beautifully reflect the light and their jewelled colour, paired with a subtle linen table cloth your dining space will effortlessly command attention.

Velvet and linen, although completely juxtaposed when paired together in the right way adds depth and dimension to your space, being appealing to both the tactile and visual senses. Share your favourite velvet and linen combinations with us on social media.

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