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Winter is officially here and with it, icy days and even chillier nights. Cold weather can be enjoyable if you equip your home with winter warmer essentials to create the ultimate cosy sanctuary for the next few months. 

Invest in a quality heater 

Whether you’re wrapping up the workday by getting cosy with a hot drink and a good book or just settling down to get the job done, taking the icy edge out of a cold room makes both work and pleasure better all around. 

Choose a good quality heater that suits the size of your space from gas heaters and oil fin heaters for larger rooms to convection heaters for smaller rooms and offices. 

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Enjoy the outdoors this winter

Don’t let winter stop you from enjoying the outdoor areas of your home. Preparing your patio for chilly days and nights will allow you to use the space throughout winter. 

Fill a woven basket with cosy blankets and leave it on your patio for easy access. If you’re hosting a dinner or braai, place a folded blanket over the back of each chair so that guests feel spoiled and stay warm. 

Keep the space extra toasty with a patio gas heater that adds that extra warm element and takes the edge off a chilly night. 

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Add rugs to warm up your space

Tiled and screeded floors look stylish and chic but they can also make a space very cold. Consider adding area rugs to open floor areas to bring a layer of warmth underfoot.

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Wrap up in a super soft gown

Transition from work to relax mode by wrapping yourself up in a super plush mink fleece gown in a range of colours to suit your aesthetic. 

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Turn up the heat in the bed 

Electric blankets are the ultimate wintertime indulgence. There is nothing better than slipping your feet under the covers to find a pre-warmed and ultra cosy bed. 

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