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To our valued guests

It took the invisible common enemy of COVID-19 to unite us all in our human-ness, for all of us to act mindfully in our daily actions, and it is with that sense of humanity and care that we in @home are conducting ourselves to combat the spread of the Corona virus. 

We deeply value every interaction we have with you, that is why we refer to you as ‘guests in our @home’, and we always aim to treat you as such. 

But during these truly unprecedented times, we have to make some changes in how we conduct ourselves and we’d like to keep you informed of what we are doing. Please note that we are all learning as we navigate our way through this and as new information comes to light but we will always act in our guest and employees’ safety as our highest priority. 

Chris Swart
CEO @home

The Safety Measures you can expect to see at our stores

Hand sanitizers* have been provided for all customers entering and exiting our stores as well as at all checkout points.

Our stores have access to sanitizing materials used to wipe point of sale keypads and surfaces after each use to maintain a clean environment for our customers and staff.

All of our staff have been trained to implement the recommended preventative precautions such as washing hands, covering coughs and sneezes and most importantly staying home if they are feeling sick.

All of our staff in both stores and head offices have been asked to reconsider nonessential domestic travel and international business travel has been suspended. For any staff member that may have been exposed or have returned from at-risk locations, we are maintaining a strict 14 day self-quarantine policy.

*We are working around the clock to ensure our stock of sanitizers never runs dry.  Alternative measures will be immediately implemented if a store is faced with a shortage.

Safer Deliveries so you can still receive the things you love

If you are planning to stay in more, you are welcome to visit our online shopping portal so you don’t miss out on any of your favourite @home items. We have put safety measures in place to ensure your delivery experience is a safe as possible.

Our furniture delivery teams have put precautions in to place for a seamless and safe delivery including sanitizing hands in front of you before we start your delivery, placing the item either at your door or in a position of your choice in your home and not touching any other furniture in your home.

Should you have any other questions or concerns please discuss this with our Call Centre Agent when we schedule your delivery.

We continue to monitor the COVID-19 outbreak, actively following guidance and recommendations from WHO and Government while taking action to keep our customers and communities safe.

During this time we would like to reassure you that providing a safe and healthy environment for our customers and staff is our top priority.

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We love our stores as much as our home. In fact, they are our home. And that is why we are working extra hard to create a safe and positive shopping experience for you, especially in these trying times.

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