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Newly engaged, an exciting chapter awaits: creating the perfect nest for you and your beloved. Whether you will be bringing two homes together, or building on one you already share – the wedding gift registry is a welcome opportunity to help you make your house a home. What a wonderful way to mark new beginnings, with a beautiful space you can both enjoy!

Below, our top tips in curating a gift registry that is perfect just for you:


Sit with your partner and discuss your daily living habits – smoothie making for a busy day ahead, relaxed evenings curled up on the couch? How about life after the wedding – do you plan to do more entertaining as a married couple? Imagining your home life together will help you identify the tools you need to realise the best version of it.


Take note of what you already have, passing on duplicates to younger siblings or those in need. Create a list of needs and wants, of basics and beauty.


Once you’ve put your list together, start to window shop – whether in-store or online. Choose items you both love, and where the feeling isn’t mutual – consider taking ownership of a certain area, according to each one’s strengths. Perhaps you’ve an eye for detail and your partner is a whiz in the kitchen: you take the responsibility of soft furnishings and your partner, kitchenware.


Mix it up with low and high price points: from towels to furniture, allowing appropriate gifting options for all guests.

Register early

Register as soon as you’re able to. You’ll quickly become busy with your wedding planning and a registry is not something you want to rush. Registering early also allows friends and family the opportunity to spoil you with the things you really want ahead of the time, when celebrating with an engagement party or bridal shower.

Create your @home Gift Registry and get all the gifts you know you will love! And we will give you 10% of the total value bought on your registry back as a gift card to spend as you wish. Quick to set up. Easy to manage. Open your gift registry in-store or online, here.

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