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1Rialheim, previously Ceramic Factory, presents beautiful yet affordable ceramics proudly made in South Africa. With an ethos of fun yet functional, each piece is made with passion. Following the themes of fun, nostalgia and trends, these ceramics fulfill a very basic need in gifting – a little human touch.

The journey from Ceramic Factory to Rialheim

Ceramic Factory began in a small studio in Johannesburg in December 2012. 2014 saw their move to a family wine farm just outside Robertson called Clairvaux. The homestead, barn and outbuildings of this Cape wineland’s farm were reincarnated into 2a place where magic in the form of ceramics could be crafted. This reincarnationwas about a 200-year year and the rediscovery of heritage, connected by the generations who worked here before.

Here local, talented artisans, including one of the best mould makers in the world, worked together to grow the brand, taking up to a combined 20 hours of hand crafting to create each high quality ceramic piece from African clay. This artisanal team has over 100 years combined experience, the reason their ceramic quality is so exceptional.

To celebrate their heritage Ceramic Factory was renamed Rialheim, after the farm’s cellars founder Rial Kloppers and its very first semi sweet white wine.

3Rialheim crafting high quality ceramics into exclusive designs for @home

All Rialheim products are handcrafted with the same fun and love, inspired by local and global trends, nostalgic feel-good designs and quirky pieces made from quality African clay. @home is proud to be part of this journey in a collaboration that is supporting the growth of local talent.

Rialheim continues to design exclusive ceramic pieces for @home.

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