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Our home has evolved from the place we come home to, to the place where we live our lives. And it has the potential to be so much more. From flexible work and living areas to multifunctional furnishings, our homes are now about more comfort, more space to be ourselves, more functionality, a space to reflect, explore and improve, a place where we can do more. Today we choose to better our surroundings and unleash the full potential of our homes.

Since the sudden shift to sheltering in place amidst a world pandemic where working, eating, living, entertaining and socializing all happened within the safe confines of our homes, our homes have taken on a much bigger role in our lives. This is the start of what has been called, the Decade of the Home.

For us, we believe this shift is more about a realization on the importance of home to our sense of safety and wellbeing. We are going back to a way of life that puts family and connection first, and home is where we feel our best. As the world has started to return to ‘normal’, we go forward into an Age of the Home, where life and everything we love will be more centered around the place we call home.

So, let’s get comfortable, surround ourselves with the people and things that make us happiest, choose better and relax, because we are home.

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