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1Coffee is more than a kick to start your day, it’s more than a drink shared between friends or a cup of warmth late at night. Coffee is an experience, and it’s completely adaptable depending on the type of coffee person you are.

The type of coffee you want may vary from day to day. It also depends on how much time you have or what kind of mood you’re in. While this is true, coffee connoisseurs often have their own special way of making their coffee and will swear by it no matter what. What type of coffee person are you? What type of machine do you prefer? What beans are your speciality?


2The Home Barista: for the hands on coffee purist

Nothing beats the smell of fresh coffee in the morning – especially in your own home. If you like to take control of your coffee with a hands on approach you’ll want to invest in a machine that gets the job done – and does it well! The Breville Barista Express is a pure, unadulterated pleasure to work with.

With a built-in burr grinder, you’ll have fresh ground beans for a fresh cup of happiness (that’s coffee). The extraction happens at the perfect temperature so the grind won’t burn and the espresso renders beautifully full of flavour and aroma. Decide for yourself what type of coffee you want and heat or steam the milk accordingly. What’s next? Just enjoy.

3No Fuss Coffee Lover: for the get up and go coffee chaser

Espresso is life for the get up and go coffee chaser. Think pods and capsules if you’re a no fuss caffeine lover – same quality of flavour without having to dabble with the details. Forget the grinding and tamping and waiting. Simply pop in a pod, watch it pour and pick it up to go.

Avoid slow with the Nespresso Pixie Clips & Aeroccino. Express your coffee personality and play with the colour and texture by changing the side panels. Watch this video to experience more of Nespresso:


4The Traditional Brewer: for the take-it-slow aficionado

If you’ve got a little bit of time (because good things come to those who wait) you’ll want to take it slow with the Breville Coffee Maker Aroma. You can time it right down to the last second – that’s the difference – that last second. While it brews, get ready for work, read your email or cook breakfast.

If you’re really into taking it slow, take this Baccarat Venice Coffee Plunger & Cup for that lazy breakfast. Whether you want a latte or a cappuccino, you can linger a bit longer no matter where you are. You won’t want to leave your home with this addition – you have everything right where you need it.


If you’re all about that perfect cup, our range of coffee accessories and machines will make that happen. Visit our full coffee range here and make sure you’re never left wanting for a grand grind or a lovely latte ever again.

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