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Our trend specialists have put together a curated collection of decor to give your home a new look for a new season.

“In our quest for hope and optimism, our homes become our refuge, a tranquil sanctuary. The overriding theme this winter is slow-crafted nature. We choose better materials and beautifully crafted items that celebrate the energy of the maker. Colours are quietly organic as we layer texture like never before, celebrating every detail. The joy of just living beautifully becomes our new decadence.”

Louise Vorster

Senior Manager – Trend & Product Development

Next Level Materials

Winter 2022 Decor Trend 1
Marble, Brass, Glass, Leather, Ceramics, Wood, Concrete, Woven grasses, and Reactive glaze.

Uplifting Hues

Uplift your senses with colour, scent and textural layers.

“Your home should be a place where you can be authentically you. It is the place you long to go back to, your own haven. The objects and décor in your home should be a reflection of this.”

Sune’ Fick

Senior Buyer – Decor

Invite calm & add warmth

Curve Appeal

Just the right light.


Shelf Treasures

Live Well

Inviting the best of nature into your everyday routine.

Live Smart

Multifunctional spaces to make the most of every corner.
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