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Our personalities shape our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Have you ever considered what your style personality may be – how one look appeals to you more than the other and which you’d invest in? See if you identify with one of the style personalities below!



You don’t play by the rules and you’re not afraid to mix things up! You have a knack for seamlessly pairing objects others wouldn’t dare to. You have the ability to breathe new life into pieces and transform a space in a unique way – a way that is just you. Your style is fresh, unpredictable and inimitable. Your style personality is Contemporary Mix.




You enjoy the finer things in life. For you, luxury is not only about fine materials and craftmanship but also the finest experience – comfort. Gifted with the Midas touch, you pull glamourous looks together with ease. Your home is aspirational, but not stuffy. Your style personality is Contemporary Luxe.




You are not fazed by fashion. With careful consideration, you invest in design and quality that will stand the test of time. While your choices are restrained, they are by no means boring! An expert eye for detail ensures you select pieces that will surprise and delight those who care to take a closer look. Your style personality is Contemporary Classic.

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