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How to choose a good coffee machine 

The world of coffee machines is at your disposal, there are so many to choose from that it’s hard to know which ones’s right for you. 

We’ll take you through the myriad of ways to juice those beans, highlighting the benefits of each to aid you on your quest to find the brewing machine. 

  1. Bean to cup manual coffee machines 

For those who like full control over brewing. 

From our bestselling Breville Barista Express to a range of top-quality bean to cup coffee machines, you can create a café quality barista experience in your own home.  

You can control the entire brewing process, and fine tune your brew to suit your particular taste. Choose how you grind, tamp, even adjust the heat and even the quantity of water you use in some cases. Enjoy built in steam wands to create professional quality microfoam you need for that latte’ art you’ve been working on. 

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  1. Automatic Coffee Machines 

For those who like excellent coffee, on the go. 

Make the perfect cup of fresh brewed coffee with minimal effort and maximum results with one of our fully automatic coffee machines.  These machines are designed by coffee experts to produce excellent quality coffee and eliminate all the guess-work that comes with a manual machine – no experience required! Generally, an automatic machine is far quicker in delivering a good cuppa and an excellent choice for those who are short on time. 

  1. Nespresso coffee machines 

For those who want an easy cost effect way of enjoying good coffee. 

The fastest, easiest way to make a perfect cup of coffee every single time is with one of Nespresso’s world-class capsule coffee systems. With the efficient capsule system, world of coffee choices awaits you! These machines can produce a steaming cup of excellent quality coffee in under a minute. Nespresso’s comprehensive choice of space saving and modern designs mean that there’s a Nespresso out there for any kitchen. 

New to Nespresso: The Vertuo 

Say hello to a whole new world of home coffee making with these next level Nespresso automatic coffee machines. The Nespresso Vertuo promises to deliver even better coffee than before thanks to a choice of 5 cups sizes, and an intelligent brewing system that automatically adjusts the settings to suit the kind of capsule / coffee you have chosen on any given day. 

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  1. Smeg coffee machines & accessories 

For those who like a beautiful kitchen space as much as they like good coffee. 

Smeg now produce a range of counter-worthy coffee machines that delivery great coffee made in the Italian tradition too. Take your pick from the Smeg automatic coffee machine, the Smeg manual espresso machine and the Smeg drip filter coffee machine, all available in Smegs range of iconic colours. 

And if you are a collector of all things Smeg, take a look at the range of Smeg coffee grinders and milk frothers too. 

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  1. The French Press 

For those who prefer ‘slow coffee’ and use a gas hob. Plus a great way to enjoy good coffee during load shedding. 

French or Italian?  

Prefer your coffee the European way? While the French Press is ideal for linger longer breakfasts or brunches on the patio, the Italian style stove top coffee maker is perfect for a strong, bold shot of espresso in the morning.  

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The coffee you choose can make all the difference 

Start with the finest and freshest coffee beans and your coffee will be world-class. Our range of local artisan coffee beans have been roasted exclusively for @home by the Magnificent Barista Boys.  

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Finding the right grind 

  • Grinding your beans just before brewing preserves coffee’s essential oils.  
  • Always be sure to use the right grind for your brewing method.  
  • Choose a medium grind for your drip coffee machine, a course grind for plungers and percolator and a fine grind for that espresso machine.  

Perfect proportions – The best water to ground coffee ratio is 1:12 coffee to water. Adjust this ratio for a stronger or weaker brew.  

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Milk style coffees done right 

If you favour a milk style coffee, the correct temperature will make a difference to the texture and taste of your froth.  

Aim for 60C – 70C to bring out the sweetness in the milk and a harmonious balance between coffee and milk. A temperature or 60C and above is also better for improving the texture and density of your foam.  

Full cream milk works best to create thick textured froth. 

Milk frothers versus steam wands 

The main difference here is heat and foam texture. Frothers whip bubbles into milk creating fluffy voluminous foam. Some electric frothers can warm your foam too. Steam wands re used to create silky microfoam by injecting high temperature steam through the milk. The result is a denser layer that is barista quality foam. Steam wands usually form part of coffee machines whilst frothers are sold separately. 

Make sure you have all the essential equipment 

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