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With the effects of spring fever in full swing, including a natural yearning for fresher food – whole food cooking is the way to go! Fulfilling flavours straight from the source, whole food cooking ensures you not only enjoy flavours in their purest form, but the added nutritional benefits of less-to-no processing.

Why settle for imitation when you can have the real thing? Swop out highly processed foods for their healthier counterparts and reap the rewards! Below, see some low-investment, high-reward replacements:

Root juice instead of soda

A beetroot, carrot, apple and ginger juice blend not only packs an aromatic punch, but satisfies a sweet tooth – without any pro-inflammatory properties usually found in soda.

Make yours in just two steps:

  1. Wash, peel and prepare 1 medium sized beetroot, 2 large carrots, 1 apple and a thumb sized piece of ginger
  2. Blitz in your juicer

We recommend the Breville Cold Fountain or NutriBullet Pro Juice Blender.





Zoodles instead of pasta

Julienne or spiralized zucchini makes for a great high carb pasta replacement – packed with antioxidants and Vitamin C, it’s the perfect vegetable to usher in the warmer weather and a healthier foot forward.

Simply julienne zucchini with a mandolin, spiralise with a spiraliser or use a vegetable peeler to create zucchini ribbons. Eat raw or heat in a shallow pan with a splash of olive oil.

For spiralising, we recommend the Morphy Richards Spiralizer Express or the VeggieBullet.





Nice cream instead of ice cream

Use frozen bananas as your base for nice cream, a decidedly delicious replacement for ice cream. Enjoy on its own, or flavour with other fruit of your preference. Fruit currently in season like blackberries and strawberries work well.

Like the root juice recipe above, nice cream only requires a few steps:

  1. Blitz frozen bananas in your blender
  2. Add additional fruit for variety of flavour

We recommend Breville Boss to Go Blender or Smeg Blender.



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