Winter Drinks Glasses:

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It’s time to crack open the Red wine and Kahlua bottles as winter is in full swing and our bodies need some warming, from the inside and the outside. Hot, spiced drinks or rich, creamy liqueurs are our go-to drinks for winter time so we thought it’s only fair to let you know what glasses to stock up on so you can indulge in these winter warmers yourself. 

Red Wine Glasses: 

A staple on the shelf for any occasion, a red wine glass is definitely a must-have. There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to this glass as you can opt for classic big goblets or go a more statement route with crystal glasses that reflect the light. Be sure to visit our online store to find a red wine glass that perfectly suits your style. 

Double Wall Glasses: 

We can’t wait for the mulled wine and Irish coffee on the cold wintry nights, but always scratch our heads when it comes to knowing what to serve it in. A mug just does not do these drinks justice. The perfect solution, however, is the double wall glasses available on @home online store. Not only do these glass glasses make the drinks lovely to present, but we can fill them with hot or cold drinks and still hold them with ease! 

Sherry and Cognac Glasses: 

Few things warm the body more than the liquid warmth that is Sherry. Not only are sherry glasses perfect for this drink, but you can also use them for liqueurs as well as shots. Not a fan of the small glasses? Opt for some beautiful Cognac glasses that make any drink look so elegant. 

Whiskey Tumblers: 

A classic glass for a classic drink. Whiskey tumblers will never go out of season just like Whiskey drinkers. After dinner with friends, there is something so satisfying about cracking open a bottle of Whiskey and taking out some elegant tumblers. Have a look at our selection to find some inspiration for your glassware.

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