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@Home16021632988Stay warm indoors this winter and entertain at home.

You know there is nothing better than a hot home-cooked meal on a cold winter’s day. No restaurant is ever going to beat this feeling so instead of meeting up with friends at the bistro down the road, invite them over for a proper winter treat.

Winter entertaining isn’t only about staying in the warmth and comfort of your own home. It’s also an opportunity to try out a few of those deliciously enticing winter recipes you’ve seen from hot and healthy winter soups to decadent winter desserts.

Success is in the preparation

18016997.jpgWear something comfy, turn up the music, start prepping for your party and have some fun while you do. Line up your ingredients and get out your best tools for slicing, chopping, grating and grinding.

A knife block set like the Landscape or this Jamie Oliver set comes in handy in keeping all your essential knives in one easy to reach place.

Hearty and healthy is the way to go this winter. Tools such as the Baccarat Julienne Peeler, Mastrad Veggie Deco Slicer and a mandolin make working with veggies fun. Fresh herbs bring out your flavour. Try the Chef’n Rolling Herb Mincer to making cooking with herbs easy.

18016533.jpgHave everything prepped well in advance so that when it comes to the cooking, there is no rush or stress.

Turn up the heat in the kitchen

Cooking in winter is all about soul food that heats you up from the inside. Think soups, stews and grandma’s special chicken curry.

While you do want to aim for food that tastes as good as any top restaurant’s fare, the home-cooked touches are what make this meal so special for your guests. Serve hot straight from the pot or casserole and always make sure there is enough for seconds.

18024324.jpgIf you are serious about your cooking you should invest in a set of chef-grade pots like this set from Jamie Oliver.

Make something more traditional like a full roast dinner. This roasting pan set means added extras like roast potatoes and mixed vegetables too.

Cook your special recipe hot pot in this cast iron casserole or serve individual mini pot pies with a set of ramekins.

Try this recipe: Carrot, coriander and cumin soup.


Winter treats are rich and indulgent, as they should be. Hosting a winter dinner party is just the excuse you need to spend a few days perfecting your art. And trying out the results!

These chocolate lava cakes are just the thing for a chilly winter’s day. To start, get your measurements right with these measuring cups, spoons and jug. Mix everything together in this ceramic, microwave safe bowl. Use a giant muffin tray as your baking moulds.

Host a winter dinner party

There is something really special about a dinner party in the middle of winter. The cold weather outside lends itself to natural feelings of warmth and cosiness the moment your guests walk through the door. Guarantee this feeling by serving them a warming glass of wine or whiskey right away. The Saloma stemless red wine glass is perfect for a winter gathering. Crystal brings a feeling of easy winter opulence with these whiskey glasses.

Whether you are having a casual meal by the fire or something more formal, use lamps or candles to create a cosy ambience. Turn off the overhead lights for a warmer, more diffuse glow from this floor lamp. Something as simple as these gold tealight candles can create a beautiful winter atmosphere. Finally, choose your dinnerware to match this feeling. Textured dinnerware like this adds a magical element to your dinner party while this dinnerware set comes in a cool, calm winter grey.


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