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Having read how important a good night’s rest is, and how to best create your sleep sanctuary – we have a few more tips on how to set your bedroom up for the season. Make your hibernation this winter one of total comfort, relaxation and restoration. With your main bases already covered, it’s the details that will make the difference.


Frame your bed with a plush headboard, like the Olivia Velvet Headboard. Its ochre colour brings with it extra warmth to your bedroom.


If you’ve gone for a neutral colour palette in your bedroom, add some warmth and texture with velvet or jute jewel-toned cushions. Mustard yellow, ochre and wine red work well in winter.


More heavily weighted bedding and brushed fabrics cocoon you in the cold of winter. Add some faux fur for an extra glam look.


Hard flooring over winter can be a shock to the system as you climb out of bed and step onto a cold surface! Introduce an area rug, even a shag.


Set the mood with winter scents like sandalwood, cinnamon and vanilla. The glow of an oil burner’s tea light candle adds an extra layer of welcomed cosiness.

From left to right: Olivia Velvet Headboard, Chunky Jute Cushion, Faux Fur Throw, Shaggy Carpet and Hammered Iron & Brass Oil Burner.


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