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Bed ­– possibly the most important space in your home, especially when creating a new home together as a couple. You want it to be comfortable, comforting and beautiful.

And making your bed as comfy as you need it to be is as easy as choosing the right duvet inners.

Choosing duvet inners and pillows


Down is perfect for staying warm and cosy throughout winter. The down filling makes a full and puffy duvet that you can dive under even on the coldest days.


Microfibre is ideal for allergy sufferers. It is also ideal for winter. It is as warm and luxurious as any down duvet yet microfibre is less likely to play on your allergies so you can enjoy a deep, peaceful slumber.


Light, soft cotton duvet inners are perfect for summer. Natural cotton fibre has a light feel and is breathable so you sleep comfortably on hot and humid summer nights.

Tencel Fibre

Tencel fibre is an all-natural, eco-friendly choice, perfect for you if you choose to live a healthy, natural and nature-loving lifestyle.

All Season Goose Down Inners

An all season duvet inner means you can rely on enjoying the perfect temperature in any season. A luxurious filling of goose down keeps your duvet warm enough for winter but light enough for summer. An all season inner will usually have 2 parts, which you can clip together for extra warmth in winter and unclip for a lighter cover in summer.


Bamboo is a light and sustainable choice for summer. It is naturally anti-bacterial, odour-resistant and more absorbent than cotton, especially useful for those very hot, sweaty nights.

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